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     The login facility is given for Railway Employee for pension processing, registered Railway Pensioners to view pension related information and for grievance entry and Banks to upload the scroll data.

» Services

     Following services are provided from our website :

     Pensioner Registration - Existing Railway Pensioners can register to this portal using this link. For registration they must enter Railway zone, unit from where they retired and they should enter valid PF number of PPO number. Only retired railway employees are eligible for this service. For any query please contact Personal Department of Zonal Railway.

     Pension Calculator - This service is available to all Railway employees to calculate the pension amount they will draw after retirement. The calculation will be based on the Pay entered by the employee. For any query please contact Account Department of Zonal Railway.

     Subscription Form - This form is to be filled by the Headquarter AL3 user to subscribe for the digital certificate to sign the ePPO. Railway employee should must submit Identity and Address proof. For any query please contact Personal / Account Department of Zonal Railway.

     RCAI validation guide - This is the ready reckoner for the validation of guidelines provided by RCAI (Root Certifying Authority of India) for subscription of digital certificate for Railway HQ AL3 user. For any query please contact Personal / Account Department of Zonal Railway.

» Latest news & Events

     This section provides the latest news and events related to the ARPAN application for Railway employees and pensioners.

» Circular & Notifications

     This section provides the information related to various circulars and notifications regarding pension, family pension, NPS (New Pension Scheme) and General information on pensions.

» Rules

     This section provides the Rules related to Pension, Railway acts and various codes as per guidelines given by Railway Board, Railway ministry.

» Tables

     This section provides the tables for Dearness allowances, Commutation, Gratuity, Concordance table for pre 2006 pay revision and Pay scale table for 7CPC.

» Forms downloads

     This section provides the various forms for Railway employees to be downloaded and filled before retirement.

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