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ARPAN CPC7 PPO Status Tracking


Enter Details to Track PPO Status


Instructions & Guidance

Pensioner's Data Updation Form
  • 1. PPO tracking facility is available for Pre2016 revision cases processed in ARPAN.
  • 2. Tracking facility can be accessed by filling up :
         a. PPO Number OR
         b. Account Number and IFSC Code of paying branch (Both)
  • 3. Cases processed outside ARPAN and data ported to ARPAN will be available for tracking status.
  • 4. If ‘No record found for the details youhave entered’ message appear, it indicates
    a. PPO number or Account Number & IFSC code not correctly typed.
    b. If details of your PPO number, still not found, please contact Pension Sanctioning Authority of Zonal Railway/Unit where employee was last worked. Please update your contact number, residential address and other details as per attached proforma to serve you better. Please send duly filled forms through post or email to the Pension Sanctioning Authority. Contact Details of Pension Sanctioning authorities are available on ARPAN homepage.
  • 5. Copy of PPO will be dispatched to your postal address / Bank (as per procedure followed by respective Zonal Railways). View and download facility is also available after registration in My Account.
  • 6. For details / corrections in PPOs etc: Please contact Pension Sanctioning Authority / PPO Issuing Authority of respective Zonal Railways only. No complaints in this regard will be dealt by Western Railway ARPAN team.
  • 7. Details available through this site are only for information of Pensioner / Family Pensioner as per Railway Board guidelines.